Group coaching and individual coaching are a powerful intervention for sustainable transformation.

For a long lasting impact, we recommand our group coaching to track progress over time and revive team’s motivation, sharing resilience experiences.

Our individual coaching specifically explores a person’s capacity to thrive, mapped against our resilience model. Using the Resilience Diagnostic report, participants are challenged and supported to gain clarity on priorities and actions to build resilience and performance for self, team and organization.


In line with the ethical code of ICF (International Coaching Federation), we follow three key principles for successful coaching:

  • Total confidentiality 
  • No judgment 
  • Motivation to action


Group coaching sessions are an important opportunity for managers to reflect on successes and challenges in implementing personal and team action plans arising from the resilience program. Phone coaching/video conference solutions can also be accommodated.

Recommended 2 to 3 months after the initial workshop, our group coaching program is a powerful half-day session which makes a real difference. The session coincides with the Resilience Diagnostic post-assessment. In the workshop, results are debriefed, resilience experience shared, successes celebrated and challenges worked through with the guidance and support of our expert facilitators.


We work closely with individuals in a one-on-one coaching situation, focussed on guiding the individual’s Resilience Competency development. This can occur as a standalone activity or as a follow-on from a resilience workshop.

The main focus is to increase the coachee’s self-awareness and provide him with practical tools to strengthen his resilience and further develop his leadership skills.

  • Based on the Resilience Diagnostic results, the first session defines specific objectives.
  • Sessions then alternate between Face to Face and phone sessions to evaluate progress and maintain the coachee’s enthusiasm.
  • The closing session is devoted to the definition of a personal follow-up plan.



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