Four Of The Worst Leadership Errors And How To Correct Them

Aug 6, 2019 | 0 comments

No one comes to work with the idea that they are going to screw things up. As executives, we start each day with the best of intentions: Today will be a better day than yesterday. 

Today we will move something forward and feel proud of our expended energy and the results we produced. We do everything we can to avoid making mistakes.

And still, there are four errors you might be making—you just might not know it. We call them “The Four Errors of an Executive”:

1.    Assuming you know more than others.

2.    Acting like you are the authority.

3.    Playing it safe.

4.    Believing that you have to sacrifice your personal life for the company’s good.

Let’s take them one at a time and see if you are making any of them.

Error Number One: Assuming you know more than others.

Chances are, you have risen to a position of authority through both experience and tenure; this isn’t your first rodeo. And to be sure, having a breadth and depth of experience and wisdom counts for a lot. However, a kind of arrogance, or something like it, can set in.


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