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In her article “The Subtle Ways Our Screen Are Pushing Us Apart” (Harvard Business Review, April 8 2015)  Karen Sobel-Lojeski talks about the virtual distance created when we spend most of the day attending to a screen.

In this world of screen driven interactions, physical, operational and emotional dimensions disappear.

When virtual distance is high:

  1. Innovative behaviour falls by over 90%
  2. Trust declines by over 80%
  3. Cooperative/helping behaviour falls 80%
  4. Role and goal clarity decline by 75%
  5. Project success drops by over 50%
  6. Commitment and satisfaction decline by over 50%

Our Advice:

Leaders must stay alert for opportunities to get people together around projects and build empathy. This is the Connection factor of Resilience.

We highly recommend this article for our clients and teams.
Read the full article here

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