Originally published on www.resiliencei.com and reproduced with permission.

Declan Scott and Dr Sven Hansen sit down to discuss diet, nutrition, keto-adaptation, ethical eating and five key dietary guiding principles.

Join us now for this first edition of Resilient Conversations.

Dr Sven’s five dietary guiding principles for optimal performance


  1. Vegetables – eat 9 – 13 servings per day (each serving fits in the palm of your hand)
  2. Remove excess sugars – avoid bread, pasta, highly refined foods (high GI foods)
  3. Balance your meals – keep it simple with 1/3 quality protein, 1/3 carbohydrate from vegetables, 1/3 fat
  4. Learn to burn fat – become keto-adapted by reducing carbohydrate intake
  5. Enjoy it – make meals a joyful experience
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